Completely Rethink How to Grow Doors



On this episode of Bootstrappers, we speak with Marck de Lautour about how he has re-envisioned the property management game. We talk to him about his out- of-the-box ideal client, and how it eliminates the common headaches in the industry. We also discuss how to elevate our leadership style so we have the life we truly want. You won’t want to miss this truly inspiring episode!




  • 00:40​ How to make real estate a passive income investment
  • 01:00​ Marck De Lautour CEO of SBD Housing, Author of Mistake FREE Real Estate: A passive investor's guide to winning with rentals and host of Mistake FREE Real Estate podcast
  • 05:20​ Investing other people's money. Leverage investors, Remodel, Manage, Rent!
  • 06:39​ Look for investors that want to invest in Real Estate but don't have the time or knowledge
  • 10:10​ How to negotiate a property for renovation
  • 12:00​ Basic requirements and limitations for real estate and property management investors and how to do the proper onboarding process by putting yourself as the expert
  • 14:20​ How to qualify an investor and identify when to reject one
  • 17:30​ Investors onboarding touch points
  • 19:00​ Lead generation strategies and deal flow
  • 24:00​ The Gold Rule: IJM to qualify potential remodeling opportunities
  • 27:00​ The investor Cycle - Why property management brings more cash flow?
  • 29:00​ Identifying potential property management investors, who are my buyer personas?
  • 30:00​ Tips from the pros on How to Start a Home Renovating Business
  • 35:00​ The journey of a CEO
  • 37:00​ Biggest mistake made as a CEO
  • 40:00​ Biggest boneheaded move as an entrepreneur


Marck de Lautour graduated with a Masters Degree in International Business  Management, from University of Missouri – Kansas City. He is Founder and  CEO of SBD Housing Solutions, a Turnkey Investment provider based in the  Kansas City area. He has been investing in real estate since 2002 and has  successfully flipped over 1,500 homes in the United States of America. His  property management firm currently manages 600 rental homes.