Reduce Stress With After-Hours Maintenance That Doesn’t Suck



In this episode of Bootstrappers we discuss common issues with after hours maintenance and how to solve them so you and your team can get your lives back. This episode goes over how to avoid burnout, how to not be held hostage by your maintenance staff and have a winning, 5 star review worthy, 24/7 service without all the headaches of being on call constantly. Don’t miss this episode!




  • 3:03 Managing after-hours maintenance calls
  • 5:11 The story of how our Rent Manager Call Center started
  • 10:30 The main goal of a maintenance call center
  • 12:00 Integrated system with customer service
  • 14:00 Escalating extreme maintenance emergencies
  • 16:00 How to do the proper onboarding with vendors, owners, and tenants
  • 17:50 Multifamily after-hours maintenance calls
  • 22:00 Call guidelines to avoid fair housing violations
  • 28:00 Integrated call centers to solve outages in Multifamily and big complex
  • 34:30 Dealing with vendors and solving weekend emergencies
  • 39:00 How to Effectively over complicate with software solutions



Jose Delgado is the Chief Operations Officer at Anequim. Before starting with Anequim in 2018 he was a global Account Manager at Ceva. Delgado has an M.B.A. from Thunderbird School of Global Management.