How to Evaluate the Health of Your Business & Improve Profitability



Sometimes we know our business has issues but we don’t even know where to start on fixing them. On this episode of Bootstrappers we will speak with Deb Newell, proven consultant in the property management industry about how we can evaluate the health of our business and make steps to fix them. From high turnover to rolling out changes in the business we will cover the hardest management topics. It is all on this episode of Bootstrappers.



Deb Newell, MPM®, RMP®, REALTOR® began her career in real estate buying and flipping properties. After turning over 35 properties in 4 years and keeping them as rental investments, she started a property management company in 2001.

Her rehab 'hobby' quickly evolved into one of the leading property management companies in Minneapolis/St. Paul and inspired the launch of Real-Time Property Services, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Real-Time Leasing, which offers rehabbing and maintenance services to a variety of large real estate investment groups.

In 2010, Real-Time Consulting Services was born. Offering expert one-on-one consulting for property management business owners and their companies, Deb analyzes and streamlines your people, processes, and technology with a focus on systems, policies, procedures, and your business goals.