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Five Reasons Your Property Management Company is Not Making Money

The dirty little industry secret is that a lot of companies are not profitable when it comes to property management. They may feel like they are doing better financially than they actually are because they make money through property sales or other ancillary services, but if you look under the hood at just their property management division you may find that it loses money. Here are the top reasons why property management often fails to turn a profit.

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How to Evaluate the Health of Your Business & Improve Profitability


Sometimes we know our business has issues but we don’t even know where to start on fixing them. On this episode of Bootstrappers we will speak with Deb Newell, proven consultant in the property management industry about how we can evaluate the health of our business and make steps to fix them. From high turnover to rolling out changes in the business we will cover the hardest management topics. It is all on this episode of Bootstrappers.

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