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Virtues & Vices

The first thing that comes to mind when I hear the name “Benjamin Franklin” is: kite + key + lightning storm = electricity. But he was a true Renaissance man- full of wisdom and possessing many talents. He is recognized as one of the Founding Fathers of our country; helping create documents at the very foundation of our democracy, the Declaration of Independence, and the US Constitution. He also helped negotiate the end of the Revolutionary War and was a fierce opponent of slavery.

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Aligning our Personal and Professional Values

Our personal values are our core principles. They are what we believe is important and they guide how we evaluate situations and make decisions. They serve as an internal moral compass. Our values are formed early- shaped by our experiences and influenced by important people in our lives. It isn’t always easy to articulate exactly what our values are, but when something doesn’t align with our personal values- we feel uncomfortable.

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Creating Company Culture


Living and breathing your stated vision, mission and values as an organization can be hard to get right. In this episode we explore how to infuse a distinct, explicit and visionary company culture in your team and in everything you do with the expert of organizational culture, Lisa Wise of Nest DC. In this show we talk about how to ensure that your intended impact on your team, community and stakeholders is executed in every action you take. 

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5 Ways to Fix a Toxic Company Culture

It is difficult to define toxic company culture, but you know it when you’re in one. When I was new at running companies I had an employee who worked in the front office, and when I would walk in the door in the morning I would always greet her and say, “Good morning (let’s call her..) Brenda!” and then one day she didn’t feel like she had to say hello back. She just looked at me and sneered. That was when I knew that I had a company culture problem on my hands.

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How to Create a Winning Company Culture


Chris Clothier of REI Nation manages over a billion dollars in real estate assets with his turnkey model in 11 markets. In this episode we have a conversation with Chris about how he manages his scaling business while maintaining a winning culture. We discuss what it looks like to hold people accountable to tight processes and maintain quality controls to provide excellent customer service at every interaction.

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