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Finding Talent

Anequim Bootstrappers Marketing To Attract and Retain Top Talent

Marketing  to Attract and Retain the Best Talent


What is essential for retaining great people in today’s competitive environment? Marketing is more complicated than ever - and when people are running a business they can forget that they are also marketing to employees. We are going to talk about how to attract and retain top talent with Matt Vigh, who is CEO and co-host at Brokerprenuer Podcast.

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How to Ask Better Interview Questions

Interviewing candidates for jobs is one of the hardest business skills to master. It has been said that when we interview people we don’t actually interview the person, we interview their representative. Which is true, both the interviewee and the interviewer are putting on a show through the process. When everyone is puffing up their chests and fluffing up their resumes it is hard to make any real assessment on how they will perform on the job. This is why it sometimes feels like a different person shows up to work than the one who was interviewed.

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