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Anequim Middle Managers – Stuck in Limbo or Unsung Superhero

Middle Managers – Stuck in Limbo or Unsung Superhero?

As an executive, you likely already know the importance of having middle managers. They lead the teams who carry out the day-to-day business of your company- allowing you to focus on the big picture. They make connections within your company’s people and departments to keep things running smoothly. They’re the glue holding many of the operational processes together. Most importantly, they’re often supervising the people who interact directly with your customers. How can you make sure this critical layer of leadership within your company is performing at its full potential? Let’s dive into this.

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Are Personality Tests Worth It?

Personality tests- love them or hate them, they’re a common screening tool used by many companies as part of the hiring process. Everyone has probably taken one at some point. But do they really work? And even more importantly, are they worth the investment? As with so many things in business (and in life), there are several factors and nuances to consider when it comes to these tools. We did some digging around to find information to help you decide what is right for your company. 

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How to Ask Better Interview Questions

Interviewing candidates for jobs is one of the hardest business skills to master. It has been said that when we interview people we don’t actually interview the person, we interview their representative. Which is true, both the interviewee and the interviewer are putting on a show through the process. When everyone is puffing up their chests and fluffing up their resumes it is hard to make any real assessment on how they will perform on the job. This is why it sometimes feels like a different person shows up to work than the one who was interviewed.

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Creating a Business Vision Your Team Will Champion


Second Nature went from start up to massive organization in just a few years. In this episode we talk to VP of Revenue, Andrew Smallwood about what accounts for Second Nature’s massive expansion, and what smaller companies can learn from its growth. We cover leadership, training, meeting cadence, org chart build out and advice for working with private equity firms in this do not miss episode!

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Quick Tip for Managing Remote Teams: The Daily Huddle

Many of us have closed our offices and are managing our entire staff from our homes for the first time. One thing that has helped our remote teams stay focused on the day’s tasks is having a daily huddle. Huddles are 5-minute meetings every day at the same time. In the bullet points below I put a few of the topics, and examples we discuss on our daily huddles at our property management company. These kinds of short meetings can help keep everyone on the same page when we are not working at the same office.

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