What Kind of Help Does Your Business Need?


Are you feeling overwhelmed at work? You’re not alone – it’s a common feeling shared by all entrepreneurs at one time or another. Instead of letting it paralyze your progress, stop for a moment and pinpoint the source. Do you need a business coach, an EOS implementer or a therapist?


Call a coach

Is your operational style driving your team crazy? Are your leadership skills lacking? Is your business outgrowing your professional knowledge base? If you think YOU may be the problem, reach out to a business coach. Business coaches can help you effectively communicate your vision and goals, keep your staff accountable and motivated, and work with your strengths while managing your weaknesses.


Call an EOS implementer

Does your business culture need an upgrade? Is your leadership group struggling? Does your staff have an “it’s not my problem” attitude? If your problem involves difficulty developing a team-oriented atmosphere, making tactical decisions or setting and meeting goals, reach out to an EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) implementer. An EOS implementer can help you and your leadership team develop a cadence for strategic planning, goal setting and holding people accountable.


Call a therapist

Do you overreact to problems in the workplace? Are you rude and volatile? Are you developing unhealthy relationships with food, alcohol or something else? If personal issues are impacting your bottom line, reach out to a therapist – there’s no shame in it! Therapists can help you deal with issues you might not even be consciously aware of, like a deeply harbored belief you’re not good enough or the fact that you’re working yourself to the point of exhaustion and ill health.


Still struggling? Visit the following Bootstrappers Podcasts for an in-depth look at how each type of professional can help:




Gwenn’s Short Take

It takes guts to acknowledge you have problems with your business. It takes even more to ask for help. I know this because I’ve done it. I’ve reached out to EOS implementers, business coaches and therapists, and even a mediation coach when stress was impacting my health. When business growth is the goal and you feel it could be faster or better, reaching out to an expert can be the best money you ever spend. The key is accepting the advice and implementing it. 

Growth is always uncomfortable but always worth it. Learn more about my personal journey here.