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You Can Only Be Great At One Thing: What Will it Be? Ft. Steve Rozenberg


Are you getting in the way of your own success? Yes, you probably are because we all make this mistake. On this episode we learn how to re-engineer your goals with Steve Rozenberg, and overnight success 15 years in the making. In this episode, you’ll take away tips on how to build with an end goal in mind, how to get out of your business’ way, the recommendations to be good at one thing, Steve’s recipe for success, and the only thing your money can really buy; memories. If you could be good at only one thing: What will it be?

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Anequim All About the Discipline

All About the Discipline - Part 2

In a previous post, we talked about having discipline, scheduling your days, being organized, and having a routine as important keys to the success of your new business. But, what if you’re a more seasoned entrepreneur who is already doing all of that? As your company is seeing more and more success, it can become harder to stay on top of everything. If you’ve realized you need to try something new to ensure your customers stay happy- you’ve come to the right place. We’ve been there! In this post, we’ll share tips and resources to help you stay disciplined when your business is a little further down the road to success.

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All About the Discipline

Most everyone knows the old saying “it’s lonely at the top”. If you’ve been at the top, you absolutely know how true that is. When you are the person in charge, the weight of responsibility can be very heavy- even overwhelming, and often isolating. As Jocko Willink, co-author of the New York Times best seller, Extreme Ownership, puts it:

“Leaders must own everything in their world. There is no one else to blame”

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Managing Explosive Growth


What are the habits of really successful people? On this show we interview Michael Krause, of Atrium Management in Orlando, FL about how he grew his business incredibly fast in a short period of time. We discuss his disciplined approach to strategic planning, networking deliberately, his tribe of mentors, reading while he works out and other things he has done to create a thriving business.

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What Makes Your Company Grow or Stagnate?


You’ve started your business and it’s running, but it seems to have stalled. Growth isn’t happening and it’s become stagnant. Brian Hughes of BizDev Mastermind has tons of experience as a business development consultant and has helped numerous clients in those idled situations. He sits down with Gwenn and shares key indicators to look for and what you can do to continue the growth of your company.

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Shiny Object Syndrome: The Entrepreneurial Equivalent of Chasing Squirrels

Chances are, if you’ve got an entrepreneurial spirit and a creative mind- you’ve experienced “Shiny Object Syndrome” (SOS) at some point in your career. This phenomenon isn’t a diagnosable condition, but rather a business term used to define a tendency to be easily distracted by new ideas. The “shiny object” catches your eye and can take your focus away from the task at hand- like a curious child might hop around between shiny new toys at a dizzying speed. Or, how dogs can be easily distracted by one of those pesky squirrels.

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