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Managing Explosive Growth


What are the habits of really successful people? On this show we interview Michael Krause, of Atrium Management in Orlando, FL about how he grew his business incredibly fast in a short period of time. We discuss his disciplined approach to strategic planning, networking deliberately, his tribe of mentors, reading while he works out and other things he has done to create a thriving business.

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What Makes Your Company Grow or Stagnate?


You’ve started your business and it’s running, but it seems to have stalled. Growth isn’t happening and it’s become stagnant. Brian Hughes of BizDev Mastermind has tons of experience as a business development consultant and has helped numerous clients in those idled situations. He sits down with Gwenn and shares key indicators to look for and what you can do to continue the growth of your company.

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Shiny Object Syndrome: The Entrepreneurial Equivalent of Chasing Squirrels

Chances are, if you’ve got an entrepreneurial spirit and a creative mind- you’ve experienced “Shiny Object Syndrome” (SOS) at some point in your career. This phenomenon isn’t a diagnosable condition, but rather a business term used to define a tendency to be easily distracted by new ideas. The “shiny object” catches your eye and can take your focus away from the task at hand- like a curious child might hop around between shiny new toys at a dizzying speed. Or, how dogs can be easily distracted by one of those pesky squirrels.

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How to Successfully Develop Members of Your Remote Team

We hear it all the time. “But isn’t it hard to manage remote employees? How can you make sure they’re actually doing their jobs?”

The truth is: managing remote employees is no harder than managing domestic ones. If you're able to manage employees effectively in the office you should have no problem managing people virtually. not good at managing remote professionals, you probably also have difficulties managing your resident employees. Because management - in any capacity - is the same at its core.

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Lessons From Failure


Failure is painful and we all try to elude it, but it is unavoidable if we get out of our comfort zones. How do we manage it in our lives? In this episode, Gwenn talks for the first time on the show about her failed state legislature campaign, losing $124,000 of her friend’s and family’s money and losing herself in the process. She discusses how she recovered emotionally from it and three tips she has for overcoming any devastating blows in our lives. We also bring in the perspective of Nicole Winkler who is a life and professional coach about how to recover, reframe and move on from setbacks.

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