Remote Professionals Can Work in Any Industry


There is a popular belief about remote jobs being limited to certain lines of work. It is true that construction workers are not very likely to work remotely, for instance. But there are many other industries that sometimes we don’t consider compatible with remote work that actually do function pretty well in this modality. 

The trend of placing virtual assistants or remote professionals will only increase with time. So, if you’ve never thought about hiring, now is a good time to reflect on if your business, whichever industry it belongs to, could grow with the help of remote professionals. 

According to a study by management consulting firm McKinsey & Company, “more than 20 percent of the workforce could work remotely three to five days a week as effectively as they could if working from an office”. All jobs involving information gathering and processing, communicating with others, teaching and counseling and coding data can shift to a remote position, as stated in this study. 

To put it in simple terms, any job that can mainly be done by interacting with a computer or involves a strong amount of updating knowledge and learning can potentially go remote. 

So, it seems that remote work has more to do with the tasks involved rather than the industry the position is in. These are just some of the kinds of jobs and roles that could be accomplished with virtual assistants


Project Manager 

Coordinating groups of people, defining goals, objectives and deadlines and receiving and distributing client feedback are all tasks that can get done virtually. 


Software engineering 

Almost any company in this era will eventually need a programming professional. By definition this is a job that can be fulfilled by a remote worker on a computer!  



Whether it is web, user experience or multimedia design, this rol that always helps the communications and marketing of a company go to the next level has been proven to also function through the distance. 



Across industries, managerial positions need the help of an assistant for many aspects of their role. Almost by definition, an assistant is someone that is available remotely to solve problems, so this is another area that can be fulfilled by a person working from home. 



Content, branding, email and paid social media campaigns are all digital marketing areas that function perfectly with remote positions. 



It has been proven that interviewing candidates for jobs can successfully get accomplished by well prepared human resources professionals working anywhere else in the world.  


Customer Service 

This is one of the first jobs to be transferred to a remote modality. So you can always ask yourself if there are any customer service related positions in your company that you can adapt to this new era!



Since it is information gathering and processing by definition, the diverse tasks related to the financial information of a company can also be done by a skilled remote professionals


In Anequim, we have a trajectory of hiring remote professionals from diverse areas of work to help American businesses grow and develop. Schedule a discovery call with us now to know what we can do for your company! 





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