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Keeping Remote Employees Engaged

The pandemic brought on many challenges for businesses- that is no surprise to anyone. One of the most notable changes has been a huge increase in the number of employees working remotely. That shift to remote work has had a significant impact on today’s workforce. Most business experts agree- there is no going back. Remote work is here to stay. How do we, as business owners, adjust and thrive in this new normal? 

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How to Successfully Develop Members of Your Remote Team

We hear it all the time. “But isn’t it hard to manage remote employees? How can you make sure they’re actually doing their jobs?”

The truth is: managing remote employees is no harder than managing domestic ones. If you're able to manage employees effectively in the office you should have no problem managing people virtually. not good at managing remote professionals, you probably also have difficulties managing your resident employees. Because management - in any capacity - is the same at its core.

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The ABCs of Onboarding Remote Employees

It’s not every day that you onboard a new employee, but it’s crucial that you do it right AND right away. I asked Andrea Kelley, client manager of Anequim’s Rent Manager Call Center, to share her checklist for this important task. She boils it down to three absolute must-dos…set expectations, discuss your communication methods and styles, and establish goal-based training.

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How a Virtual Assistant Can Help You Create Processes and Procedures


David Flores, CEO of PM Solutions Pro, started out as a virtual assistant, or what we call a remote professional, and helped House Match in San Diego document and clarify all their processes and procedures. Now he helps other companies do the same. On this episode, we will talk to him about what he recommends companies do to get organized and how to best utilize virtual staff to get high quality procedures written down quickly so your business can grow.

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How to Utilize an Executive Assistant Effectively and Stop Feeling Overwhelmed


People often feel overwhelmed at work and immediately think they need an executive assistant. However, our experience at Anequim has shown us that sometimes an extra hand in the operations can be better at helping busy CEOs reduce their workload rather than an Executive Assistant.

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How to Achieve Your Goals With Amazing Results


Some people are really good at committing to goals and achieving them. Brad Larsen, CEO and founder of RentWerx, the Property Management Mastermind Conference, and the Property Management Mastermind podcast is one of those people. In this episode, we explore his underlying beliefs around goal setting, his habits, rituals, and how he overcomes obstacles to make his dreams a reality.

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