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How Running Remote Will Transform Your Business Ft. Liam Martin


Even though Jeremy and Gwenn have been managing teams remotely since 2008 and have developed their own  best practices, they're also always on the watch for alternative ideas from others. In this episode, we speak to Liam Martin, the CMO of Time Doctor, a time-tracking software for remote teams, about the best practices in the industry for managing a remote workforce. Liam has a new book called Running Remote: Master the lessons from the world’s most successful remote-work pioneers.

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Managing Remote Employees

With all the uncertainty of the past few years, one thing we know for sure is that the pandemic changed the way we live and work- probably forever. Whether your company was already prepared to handle a remote workforce, or your business was thrust into it kicking and screaming under a wave of COVID-19, nearly every company had to adjust to retain their teams. There were many individual reasons for needing flexibility to work from home, but the landscape has changed for nearly all of us. And, it looks like having remote employees (at least in some capacity) is here to stay. 

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Keeping Remote Employees Engaged

The pandemic brought on many challenges for businesses- that is no surprise to anyone. One of the most notable changes has been a huge increase in the number of employees working remotely. That shift to remote work has had a significant impact on today’s workforce. Most business experts agree- there is no going back. Remote work is here to stay. How do we, as business owners, adjust and thrive in this new normal? 

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How to Successfully Develop Your Remote Team

We hear it all the time. “But isn’t it hard to manage remote employees? How can you make sure they’re actually doing their jobs?”

The truth is: managing remote employees is no harder than managing domestic ones. If you're able to manage employees effectively in the office you should have no problem managing people virtually. not good at managing remote professionals, you probably also have difficulties managing your resident employees. Because management - in any capacity - is the same at its core.

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How to Manage Remote Teams


In this episode the Aspens share their experiences and stories of managing remote teams since 2009.  They discuss tips like how and why it is important to call out micro-emotions you see on webcam, how to deal with conflict remotely, how to handle passive-aggressive behavior, how to measure productivity and so much more!

Don’t miss this episode of Bootstrappers that will give you actionable tips you can use today!

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