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How to Elevate Leadership With Innovative Professional Coaching


We have all heard of professional coaching but what exactly is it and how could it exactly help a busy business executive? In this episode we explore the value coaching can bring entrepreneurs who want to elevate their leadership game. We discuss what happens in coaching, how you find a qualified coach and how coaching could impact your business and your life. It is all on this episode of Bootstrappers!


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Taking Big Risks


On this episode of Bootstrappers, we chat with Nebraska’s Second District Congressman Don Bacon, but we’re not talking to him about politics or his campaign. Instead, we want to know about his long and successful career in the US Airforce. We talk to him about those career risking decisions one makes along their career path that define a person. We talk about how Bacon decided to lead in his own style instead of the dominant leadership approach in the military at the time. We learn more about his philosophy of managing 25,000 personnel. We discuss what lessons he took away from his experience at the National War College. We learned about how Bacon changed the culture at a base and so much more! It is all packed into this episode of Bootstrappers.

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Leadership and Accountability, insights from Chris Mangan

Stay Hungry, Break Things, This Is the Bootstrappers Show.

In this episode, we talk about how to have an effective meeting, how to hold people accountable, and how to talk to people so they will listen. We also discuss the common error of trying to make an employee we love fit in a seat they are not suited for. It’s all on this episode of Bootstrappers!

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Anequim is Featured in the Wall Street Journal

Managing and Monitoring Remote Workers Using Cutting Edge Technology

Recently Anequim rolled out a robust technology tool that helps remote assistant clients approve time off, manage teammates hours, and improve efficiency. This roll-out is an example of how Anequim strives for continuous improvement and is committed to increasing value for our clients. Anequim President, Gwenn Aspen is featured in the Wall Street Journal regarding best practices of managing a remote team with the most cutting edge software. 

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How Great Teams Prioritize Goals

We were really bad ad prioritizing goals.

Years ago our property management company left a lot to be desired when it came to our ability to prioritize projects. We didn’t have an agenda for our strategic planning meetings. Embarrassingly sometimes our executive team would write our priorities down, and then lose the paper we wrote them on. We would talk about to-dos and not follow up. This lack of structure kept us amateur, and we struggled to move our business forward.

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