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Finding Your Passion and Making it Your Business


Peter Fink built a > 100 million dollar revenue business from scratch. He did it without sacrificing his high standards, and all the while building a tremendously loyal employee base, He believes in complete transparency which means his team can know everything about the books if they want to. In this podcast we hear Peter’s story, his belief that people can make their passion their business, how he still interviews all new hires and so much more!

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How to Manage Remote Teams


In this episode the Aspens share their experiences and stories of managing remote teams since 2009.  They discuss tips like how and why it is important to call out micro-emotions you see on webcam, how to deal with conflict remotely, how to handle passive-aggressive behavior, how to measure productivity and so much more!

Don’t miss this episode of Bootstrappers that will give you actionable tips you can use today!

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When Do You Transition a W-9 Contractor to an Employee?


In this episode of Bootstrappers, we cover stress management, getting out of a business partnership that no longer works, and when it is time to take a W-9 contractor and transition them to an employee. Also, hear about Jeremy's creative employee benefit he used to keep great workers when we were just getting started and couldn't afford health insurance. It's all on this 1-hour episode of Bootstrappers!

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How Great Teams Prioritize Goals

We were really bad ad prioritizing goals.

Years ago our property management company left a lot to be desired when it came to our ability to prioritize projects. We didn’t have an agenda for our strategic planning meetings. Embarrassingly sometimes our executive team would write our priorities down, and then lose the paper we wrote them on. We would talk about to-dos and not follow up. This lack of structure kept us amateur, and we struggled to move our business forward.

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